How to Get a Papal Blessing Parchment

Years ago, I told Hubby that I wanted us to have a renewal of vows for our tenth wedding anniversary.  I wanted to have another wedding, complete with an entourage, with me wearing a beautiful wedding gown and hubby wearing a tux, and reception dinner, Unfortunately, we never set aside any budget for it nor did we actually sit down and plan anything, and since our anniversary is in three months, you can be sure that that idea won't be pushing through.

Viral Ball: The Souqpinoy Slimdown Challenge Press Launch

I admit I’m not a fit or athletic person. I don’t go to the gym and the only exercise I do is walking and jogging around the neighborhood park. And although I’ve been trying to watch what I eat lately, I’m far from what you would describe as health conscious. So imagine my surprise when I received an invitation to the press launch of The Souqpinoy Slimdown Challenge. I was sure I wouldn’t fit in (pun intended ☺), but since I honestly wanted to know more about it, my family and I headed to The Coach Academy in Al Muneera Gym last Friday.

How to Get Travel Insurance for People Visiting UAE

Back in November last year, my siblings and I made a sudden decision for Mama to have a 3-month vacation in Dubai. We applied for her visit visa through a travel agency, received it on the fifth working day, and proceeded to buy her ticket online.

Since we were running out of time, we didn’t go to the Philippine Consulate to get an Affidavit of Support & Guarantee anymore. Why? For one thing, Mama is already a senior citizen. For another, my sister would be travelling with her; she could answer any questions if they asked why she didn’t have an Affidavit. We weren’t sure if it was needed, but we just took the chance and hoped that the authorities at NAIA wouldn’t request for the document. Luckily, they passed through Immigration uneventfully and Mama happily boarded the plane.

2018 Will Be My Year to...

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

Can you believe we’re one week into 2018 already?! Time is flying by so fast, and before we know it, another year will be over. I had meant to blog during the holidays and weekends, but as usual, I wanted to spend the free time with my family instead. You guys know how it is ☺

So, a new year. New beginnings, a fresh start, a chance to become a better person.  Did you make a list of resolutions?  Or did you name your year with a word that will guide you?

My Elite Experience at Ed Sheeran's Dubai Concert

I had been looking forward to a long overdue massage at home last Thursday night; my shoulders and back needed it and my appointment had already been scheduled.  But just before lunch, my sister called saying that she was invited to watch Ed Sheeran’s concert that night and if I wanted to join her.  Hello?! Free tickets to watch the sold out concert of one of today’s popular and amazing musicians?  Of course I said yes, even though it meant I had to (very embarrassingly) cancel my massage session for the second time.

Friday Lazy Brunch at The Market Place, Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf

Although Dubai is known to be fast-paced and busy because of so many things to see and do, the city slows down on Fridays because it's the weekend.  During the morning and afternoon, the roads are clear, people are more relaxed, and unless we have activities or appointments, most of us prefer to do our own things at our own leisurely pace.

Lapita Hotel Staycation, Legoland, and Motiongate at Dubai Parks & Resorts

Back in August, a friend mentioned that their company was offering a summer deal for stays in Lapita Hotel. For a very budget-friendly price, the package included half-board (buffet dinner and breakfast) and tickets to Dubai Parks and Resorts Legoland, Legoland Water Park, Bollywood, and Motiongate for 2 days. Since the only plans we had for Sophie’s birthday was for her to celebrate it at school, Hubby and I decided to take advantage of the deal and book our family, my sister, and her son for a night’s stay on the last weekend of September.